Contents - Epic (Beginnings)

  Caravanserai of the Immortal Cypress
  Conclave of Ghosts Ancient Chronicles The Loss of Living Books
  The Mobeds (Magi)
Recovery of the Ancient Chronicles
Tragic Dakiki Balkhi
Immortal Cypress
Poet Ferdowsi's Dream
Ferdowsi's Mission
Ancient Sources:
  Bastan-Nameh, Avesta & Zand
The Primordial World
  The Primal World, Its People & Travel
  Formation of the Land & Oceans
  Haft Keshvar - Seven Regions of the Earth
  Separation of the Seven Regions
  Sirsok & Travel between the Regions
  Description of the Seven Regions of the Earth
  Spread of Peoples to the Other Six Regions
  Mysterious Early People-Creatures
Life's Beginnings
  The Tree of Life
  Primal Life, the Gav
  The Vegetable Principle Chirak
  Gav Seeds & the Moon
  Return of the Gav Seed
  Life Takes Hold on Earth
  Havisp-Tokhmeh, Tree of All Seeds & the Saena Bird
  Seeds of Life
  Proliferation of Plant Life
  Waters of Life - Cycle of Rain
  Tishtar and Sataves
  Healing Garden of Nature
  Gaokerena, Tree of Immortality
  The Healing Haoma Family
Land of Ancient Aryana
  Pastures of the Bovine, the Gav
  Hara Mountains
  Paradise on Earth
  The Fall
  Anahita & the Rivers
  River Daraja. Zarathushtra's Parent's Home
The Start of Aryan History
  Gaya Maretan & Siyamak
  The Age of Gaya Maretan
  The Name Gaya Maretan
  Gayomard, Sage & Leader
  Crowning of Gayomard
  Institution & Compact of Kingship - The Sacred Trust
  Aryan Farr, Glory in Grace
Siyamak the Prince
  Ahriman's Plot
  The Counsel of Saroosh
  Gayomard Prepares to Battle the Forces of Ahriman
  The First Epic Battle between Arians and Divs
  Death of Siyamak
  Sombre Mourning
  Inner Voice of Discerning Wisdom
  Disavow Revenge
  Six Vices
  The Burdens of Life & the Righteous
  Resolve Over Vengeance
  Preparations for the Second Battle
  Able Minister & General
  Answering the Call
  The Second Epic Battle between Arians and Divs
  Subjugation of Divs & Peries
  Ahriman Disappears
Gayomard's Closing Years
Start of Aryan Civilization
  Discovery of Fire
  Divine Light
  Jashne Sadeh
  Fire of Civilization
  Atashgah. The House of Fire
  Light of Wisdom
  Athravans of Renown
  Atash Dadgah. Flame of Justice
  Legacy. Paradhata. First Law Giver
  Community Building
  Alleviating Hunger
  Animals & Herding
  Making of Bread
  Metal Craft & the Smith
  Surplus, Commerce and Taxes
  His Life's Work Done
  The Magical Pomegranate Tree
  Age of Reason & Responsibility
  Theft of the Pomegranate
  Thief Discovered
  The Chase
  The Div's Cavern
  Khursheed Enters the Cavern
  Khursheed Finds His Stolen Pomegranate
  Magic Lantern
  Khursheed Slays the Div
  The Brothers' Dastardly Scheme
  Hidden Valley
  Simorgh Bird
  Assembly of the Wise
  Shidasp the Dastur
  Famine & Gluttony
  Ahriman Re-Emerges
  Shidasp Entraps Ahriman
  Ahriman Ridden Around the World
  Divs Revolt
  Tahmuras Prepares to Battle Divs
  Third Battle between the Arians and Divs
  Tahmuras Defeats Divs
  The Peri Princess of Milan is Taken Captive
  Tahmuras Rescues the Peri Princess
  Peri Beauty & Charm
  Tahmuras' Fidelity
  Loving Light
  Divs Plead for Mercy
  Tahmuras' Payman, His Compact with Divs
  Community Development
  Crafts & Weaving
  Animal Breeding
  Gav Sarsaok
  Tahmuras' Passing
Vivangha & Haoma
  Jamsheed's Calling
  Jamsheed's Contemplation
  Jamsheed's Decision
  Farr, Khvarenah, Grace
  Jamsheed Ascends to the Throne
  Jamsheed's Payman: Moderation, Balance & Cooperation
  Compact with the Divs
  Aryana's Golden Age
  Growth of Aryana
  Civilization's Advance
  Knowledge of the Stars
  Nowruz - New Year's Day
  Jam-e Jamsheed, the Seven-Ringed Cup
  The Lure of Decadence
  Regalia and Vestments
  Ostentation & Pride
  Suicide & the Discovery of Wine
  Jamsheed's Hubris & Folly
  Jamsheed Summons Nobles, Priests and Generals
  Farr, Khvarenah Flies from Jamsheed
  Nobles, Priests and Generals Abandon Jamsheed
Ahriman's Escape
  Ahriman in Fetters
  Ahriman Ensnares the Princess
  Princess Frees Ahriman
  Ahriman Swallows the Princess
  Ahriman Flees
  Dakhma - Final Rest
  Ahriman's Approach
  The Seduction of Zahhak
  Zahhak Consents to Ahriman's Scheme
  Ahriman Plots the King's Death
  Zahhak Assumes the Throne
  Ahriman Turns Cook
  Zahhak Ensnared
Jamsheed's Fall
  Jamsheed Flees
  Princess of Zabul
  Hope's Hand
  Jamsheed Finds Respite
  Jamsheed & Parichehra Meet
  An Ode to Wine
Jamsheed's End
  Capture & Sawing
  Jamsheed's Lament
Zahhak's Reign
  Palace of Sin
  Sacrifice of Life
  The Viper's Diet
  Midnight & the Morning's Promise
  Devil's Choice
  Zahhak's Dream
  In Closing