Contents - Companion

  Ancient Aryana
  Images from the Region of Greater Aryana
  Trade & Stories
  Silk Roads
  Bactrian Camel
  Caravans Continued
  The Storied Caravanserai
  Tea & Celestial Horses
  Celestial Horses
The Mystic Caravanserai
  Calling, Yearning, Pulling, Home to You
The Stellar Cypress
Some Noteworthy Cypress Trees in Iran
  Cypress of Abarkuh
  Cypress of Harzevil
Enigmatic Images of the Cypress
  The Bending Cypress
  The Cypress & the Vine
  The Cypress and the Flame
  The Cypress Image in Temples & Homes
  Boteh or Paisley Design
Cypresses of Aryana - Varieties
Aryana & Aryans
  Old & Greater Aryana - Iran-Shahr
  Ancient Aryana
Aryana's Historical Phases
  Avestan Phase
  Gaya Maretan / Gayomard & the Aryan Stone Age
  First Human or First King?
  Hushang & the Dawn of Aryan Civilization
  The Age of Hushang, Aryana's Metal Age
  Was a Golden Age the First Metal Age?
  The Oxus Treasure
  Tahmuras & Jamsheed
  Seven Seas
Farshiang - Royal Headband
Ancient Aryana's Landscape & Locale
  Rivers & Their Mountain Origins
  The Ocean Vouru Kasha/Frakhvkart/Varkash
  River Vanguhi Daitya
  The Oxus-Indus as a Veh River
  Hara (Alborz) Mountains
  Mount Hukarya
  Alborz (Hara) & the Hind (Hindu-Indus) Connection
  Taera Harayao & Mount Meru
  Ancient Aryana as Paradise
  Defeat of Evil
Growth of Ancient Aryana
  First Expansion of Ancient Aryana
  The Upper Hindu - Indus River Region
Formation of Old Aryana
  King Thraetaona / Feridoon
  First Aryan Empire
  Kayanian Dynastic Era
  King Khosrau & Old Aryana
  King Vishtasp, Zarathushtra & the War of Religion
  Composition of the Avesta
  King Vohuman & Internal Warfare
  Old Aryana - Vendidad's Sixteen Nations
Hapta-Hindu, Sapta-Sindhu
Aryans & the Indus Valley Civilization - Pt. 1
  Mehrgarh & Old Aryana
  Mehrgarh's Name & the Reappearance of Mithra
  Peaceful Stone Age Settlement
  Travel & Trade
Trade & Nation Building
  Lapis Lazuli & Trade
  Extensive Trade Network throughout Aryana
  Trade & the Growth of Aryana
War & Peace in Aryana
  Peaceful Existence of Mehrgarh
  Fortified Settlements in Northern Aryana
Aryans & the Indus Valley Civilization - Pt. 2
  Mohenjo-Daro - a Curiosity
  Trade & Cooperation
  Decline of the Indus Valley Civilization
  The Aryan Connection
  Aryan Invasion Fallacy
The Post-Avestan Phase in Aryan History
  Historical Emergence of the Medes and Persians
  Mada - Medes
  King Deioces/Diyaku
  Mede King - Phraortes II/Fravartish II
  Formation of Greater Aryana & the Mede Empire
  Parsa, Parsi - the Persians & the Achaemenids
  The Persians: Cyrus II, the Great
  The Parsi/Parsiban of Central Asia
  Parsi and Parsiana
  Seleucid Rule of Aryana
  Mongol & Turkic Displacement of the Aryans
  The Liberation of Aryana
  Parthia & Saka - Aryana's Liberators
  Sassanian Persians Gain the Throne of Aryana
Extent of Greater Aryana
  Country Names with -an -ana -san -shan -stan
  Celebration of Nowruz
Extent of Aryana - Sources
  Quotes from Strabo's Geographica (Geography)
  Old Aryana
  Darius the Great's Inscription at Behistun
  Sassanian Inscriptions
  Naqsh-e Rustam
  Kaba-e Zarthosht Inscriptions, Naqsh-e Rustam
  Extent of Sassanian Aryana
Extent of Aryana as in Arabic Language Texts
  Hamza Isfahani
  Ancient & Lost Chronicles of Aryana
  Living Books
  Intrepid Travellers & Builders of Community Bonds
  Caravans, Caravanserais & Chai-khanas
  Zur-khane - House of Strength
Shahnameh - Book of Kings
  Asadi Tusi - 10th to 11th Century
  Ferdowsi Tusi - 10th to 11th Century
Ferdowsi's Ancient Sources
  Dakiki - 10th Century
  Samanids - 9th to 10th Century
  Rudaki - 9th to 10th Century
  10th Century New Persian Shahnamehs
  Abu Ali Balkhi Shahnameh - Late 10th Century
  Abu Mansur Shahnameh - Mid 10th Century
  Marvazi & Abul Balkhi Shahnamehs - Early 10th Century
  8th to 9th Century Namehs
  Mobed Bahram Mardanshah - 8th to 9th Century
  Ruzbeh pur-e Daduya / Muqaffa - 8th Century
  ΄Heresy΄ & the Destruction of Manuscripts
  Kalila wa Dimna
  A Thousand and One Nights
Post-Arab Invasion Zand Texts - 8th to 9th Century
  Hudinan Peshobay
  Post-Arab Invasion Destruction of Texts
Sassanian Era Texts - 3rd to 7th Century
  Dehgan Daneshvar - Mid 7th Century
  Khosrau ut Retak (Khusrow and the Page)
  6th Century
  Menog-i Kherad - 6th Century
  4th Century
  3rd Century
Parthian Era Texts - 3rd Century BCE to 3rd Century CE
  Parthian Retrieval & Reconstruction of Texts
  The Syriac Letters
Persica - Greek Histories of Persia
Destruction of Persepolis & Its Libraries
  Diodorus Siculus on the Burning of Persepolis
  Destruction & Transfer of Texts by Alexander
Achaemenid Era Book of Kings - Basilikai Diphterai
The Zand Avesta
  Rig Veda
  Composition of the Avesta
  Dating the Avesta's Composition
  Pre-Zoroastrian Concepts in the Avesta
  What We Know
  Oral Composition of the Avesta
  Written Compilation of the Avesta
  First Known Written Compilation - Achaemenid Avesta
  Second Written Compilation - Parthian Avesta
  Third Written Compilation - Sassanian Avesta
Magi - Living Books
Biographies - Additional Source Authors
  Classical Hellenic & Roman Authors
  Arabic Language Writers
  Arabic Name Conventions
  Hamza Isfahani (893-971)
  Biruni (973-1048)
  Modern English Language Authors
  James Atkinson (1780-1852)
  Warner & Warner (19th-Early 20th Century)
Historic Cypress Trees of Aryana
  Cypress of Kashmar - Tree from Paradise
  The Unnamed Cypress of Khorasan
  The Two Cypresses of Darg
  The Cypress of Sangun
  World's Largest Cypress Tree
Legendary Trees
  Arbre Sol - Tree of the Sun
  The Oriental Plane Tree or Chinar
  Alexander & the Talking Trees of the Sun & Moon
  Arbre Sec - The Dry Tree
  Dry Trees of Iran - Darakht-e Khoshk
  Veneration of the Cypress & Plane Trees
  Venerable Trees - Pirs
  Homage of King Xerxes
  Ancient Approaches to Well-Being & Healing
The Healing Cypress & Plane Trees
  Holistic Wellness, Well-being & Healing
  Steps to Holistic Wellness
  Collective Welfare
  Restorative Healing
  Care-Giving & Healers
  Magi as Physicians & Surgeons
  Caesarean Section in the Shahnameh
Haoma System for Wellness & Healing
  Parahom Juice Extraction
  The Hindu Soma Yajna Ceremony
Haoma - Hom - Ephedra
  Ephedra - Stone Age Medicine?
  The Name Haoma / Hom & the Species
  Haoma's Characteristics and Habitat
  Description of the Plant
  Consumption & Frequency
  Collection & Diminishing Supply
  Mountain Hom
  Haoma's Natural & Healing Properties
Healing Plants & Trees
  Cypress' Healing Properties
  Oriental Plane's Healing Properties
  Willow's Healing Properties
  Tamarisk's Healing Properties
  Pomegranate - the Wonder Tree
Food & Health Care
  Heating & Cooling Foods
  Determination of the Restorative Food Needed
  The Meaning of Hot & Cold Foods
  Classification of Hot & Cold Foods
  Problem Food Combinations
  Balanced Food Examples
  Vegetarian Diet
  Restorative Healing Foods
  Aujil-e Moshkel-Gosha
Health & the Environment
  Protection of the Air
  The Atashgah & the Fire Urn
  Protection of the Waters
  Protection of the Earth
  Waste Disposal
  Baghs - Garden of Paradise